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Imagine something for a moment…you’re 95 years old and still living independently. Never married and no children, you are very self-sufficient. But then, it becomes clear you’re no longer safe to drive. Your whole world gets turned upside down.

How will you get food, what about your medical appointments?

You discover the Care Van and are relieved you’ll still make it to your vital appointments. A friend ensures you get groceries. You feel so grateful for this support that you don’t want to risk asking for anything else. Your self care starts to slide and, next thing you know, it’s been well over a year since you’ve had a hair trim. You’d love to have it cleaned up but you’re no longer limber enough to trim it yourself and don’t want to ask for any additional help.

Then…the kind and thoughtful Care Van driver arrives with some more fresh baked cookies and an offer to take you for a haircut after your doctor appointment. You go get your new cut and the driver tells you she is also putting together a team of volunteers to take care of your overgrown lawn and porch because she worries about your safety.

Just how seen, loved and refreshed does your 95-year-old self feel, with your fresh new trim and full heart?

This gesture by one of our van drivers, Tami, was just the latest of the many acts of kindness happening all the time. I am so grateful for and proud of our team of volunteers and staff who continually go above and beyond for our neighbors in need. Our community is full of these helpers. They try to serve quietly and humbly, but I’m over here just singing their praises because they are an inspiration.

Whether you’re one of these volunteers or a donor who makes the work possible, thank you. Your kindness is changing lives and inspiring hope every single day.

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Volunteer Spotlight

Shane Williamson,
Senior Hot Meals Delivery Driver

Spotlight Shane Williamson - Rainier Foothills Wellness Foundation Dev Site

Speaking of sunshine, this guy’s sunny disposition is contagious. Always equipped with a smile, Shane’s love of people and a good time shines bright. With a huge heart and and upbeat attitude, he delivers cheer along with every meal. 

When asked why he volunteers, Shane replied:

 “My significant other, Lynnette Johnson, began volunteering with her daughter, Acelynn, to teach her to give back. Acelynn got a job and Lynnette asked if I wanted to fill in. I said yes. So, we delivered meals until she was too sick to do it anymore (liver failure) and I continued throughout her illness and after her passing. I was a volunteer with special-Olympics prior to NFN, so I enjoy helping out where I can. I know it’s only an hour or so a week but the few minutes you spend with these seniors means a lot to them, and to me. It is a very important part of my week!”

Thank you, Shane, for all you do!

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Business Brag

Movement Mortgage gives $10,000 grant to Neighbors Feeding Neighbors

Local lender Emily Bort called with the best kind of surprise – her company, Movement Mortgage, selected RFWF for a $10,000 grant to address local hunger! Huge thanks to Emily for nominating us and to Movement Mortgage and KM Foundation for this very generous gift. 

Living Court Assisted Living 

They go above & beyond in caring for our community’s seniors!

Living Court Assisted Living  continually supports our local seniors by helping equip them to continue living independently. That speaks volumes about a senior care residential facility! 

Each month, Living Court sponsors a full day of Care Van service. On the first Tuesday of each month, they pay for the entire operation. When seniors try to donate what they can on their fixed income, they are tickled pink when our drivers say “Nope, this one is on Living Court!”. 

Living Court Assisted Living - Rainier Foothills Wellness Foundation Dev Site

Their support doesn’t end there! They also provide multiple meals each year to our 45 senior hot meals clients. Not only does this feed our seniors but it gives our hardworking volunteer cooks a break, too!

Thank you, Living Court!

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NW Safe

Another business that always comes to the rescue when we need a helping hand…NW Safe. From moving appliances to washing our Care Van, this local businesses is clutch!

Sara Stratton, Director

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