Senior Stories

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The seniors we meet through the Care Van and Senior Hot Meal delivery are wise, funny and have a lifetime of stories to share. We are so fortunate to gain new perspectives through our chats with them. Now, we want to share some of their stories and wisdom with you.

What Advice Do You Have for Newlyweds?

Don’t enter a relationship if you don’t first love and respect yourself. A relationship will not work if one person or both don’t feel good about themselves. Don’t yell things out; Talk things out. Nothing gets resolved unless both parties listen to each other. Everybody...
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What is your advice for Longevity?

Live one day at a time! Remember you can’t do anything about mistakes made yesterday, just learn by them. Tomorrow is out of site so don’t dwell or worry about things that haven’t happened yet. Eat healthy, exercise, don’t smoke and drink in moderation or...
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What are you most proud of?

THE ONE WHO CALLS ME DAD I am very proud of my beautiful daughter. I am very proud that I became an active parent in her life.  I taught her how to take care of herself in all sorts of situations.  I taught her how...
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Where was your favorite place you’ve traveled?

BLESSED TO TRAVEL I was blessed to have been to a lot of beautiful, interesting and scary places in my travels on my various jobs. The third Marine Corps division sent me to Vietnam. This was by far the scariest place I have ever been....
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What was your Career?

THE COWBOY WAY Upon graduation from Central Kitsap High School in Silverdale, I spent 6 years in the Marine Corps. After my discharge I fished on a long liner in the Bering Sea and the North Pacific. This is where I came to believe in...
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How Did You Meet Your Sweetheart?

TOGETHER THROUGH A FRIEND Old couple is sitting on bench in the park. Grandmother and grandfather at their golden wedding anniversary celebration. Fifty years together. Elderly is hugging on the black and white photo. My husband Mark and I met through a mutual in 1998....
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What Brought you to Enumclaw?

ENUMCLAW: THE CAMELOT OF KING COUNTY I had an opportunity to start my own business, manufacturing commercial cabinets for schools, hospitals and laboratories. This was in 1970. An article in the Seattle Times about Enumclaw, “the Camelot of King County” caught my eye. I found...
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