Civility – Compassion – Kindness

LINCCK is a Plateau of citizens and community based initiative providing tools to build healthy relationships and improve the way we treat each other.


Domestic violence, also known as domestic abuse, can be defined as a pattern of controlling behavior over an intimate partner. It has many forms, including physical, sexual, emotional, psychological or financial, and crosses all racial, age, economic and social groups.

  • One in four high school students report being abused by a dating partner.
  • Costs of medical and mental health care due to domestic violence exceed $5.8 billion each year in the United States.
  • One-third of all police calls are in response to domestic violence disturbance.


“Domestic Violence has NO Place in our Community”


  • Raise awareness of domestic violence and how it affects the community.
  • Provide assistance and service referrals to victims and their families.
  • Support policies that meet victim needs and hold perpetrators accountable.
About the LINCCK Initiative

Young parents should be given support and “best practices” for parenting so children will be nurtured free from abuse or neglect.  For the approximate 300 babies born at SEH yearly, mandated parenting class occurs only for court ordered parenting plan.  Why wait, when this one first step can be an immediate health improvement.  Pediatricians can measure compliance, and schools can measure general development. LINCCK is seeking funding to provide wisdom for raising infants.  Parenting classes and hands-on material such as the book Zero to Five can bridge that gap.  Well-intentioned and knowledgeable parents are stressed by demands of newborns and unruly toddlers.  “Best practices” of child-rearing will avoid anxiety, and lead to more successful adulthood.

In February the initiative promoted Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, teaching that ‘Love Shouldn’t Hurt.’

The initiative promotes National Night Out in August – individuals learning about their neighborhood and building community spirit. 2015 NNO is scheduled for Tuesday, August 4th.

In October the initiative shines the color purple for Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

The goal is to make the community aware of the controlling nature of abusive behavior, wanting all intimate partners to treat each other with respect.


Community members on the plateau who share our commitment to preventing all forms of violence are welcome to join the task force Linking Civility – Compassion – KindnessIt is not necessary to be an Enumclaw resident to participate.

LINCCK worked with the school district’s Rachel’s Challenge, creating a chain reaction of kindness and compassion

Standing in a check-out line a young girl paid for the food of the groceries of the woman in front of her in the line. Women at a local gymnasium knitted hats for a friend recently diagnosed with breast cancer. These are just two of the 43,433 acts of kindness and compassion, Plateau residents wrote down on paper links as part of Rachel’s Challenge.

LINCCK meets the 3rd Thursday of each month from 8:30AM-10AM at Trip Hart’s office, 1224 Griffin Ave., Enumclaw. Beginning in May 2015, LINCCK will meet at Green River Community College, 1414 Griffin Ave., Enumclaw.

To be a part of the LINCCK Initiative, contact René Popke at